About Commercial Agriculture Property in Douglas County

Douglas County Oregon livestock agriculture was historically large ranches (usually running large flocks of sheep) and a few large farms. Today, there are more cattle ranches than sheep ranches and the ranches for sale are smaller pieces of historically large operations.

In addition to livestock agriculture, the area was historically known for producing pears and prunes. In the last couple decades, filberts, grapes and blueberries have been added to the long list of commodities that can be produced successfully in this area.

And just so everyone is "on the same page" and no one is offended, the "lingo" needs to be understood.   Ranchers raise livestock and work animals.  Farmers raise plants/trees and work the soil.  Don't call a farmer a rancher and don't call a rancher a farmer.  There is a world of difference in their lifestyles.  And to complicate it just a bit more, a horse-based operation is usually called a farm since there is no meat or fiber commodity.  Now you know the lingo.   

Douglas County is ideal for many agricultural commodities because of the mild winter and summer temperatures, long growing season, available water, and fertile soils.

Whether you are interested in raising livestock, growing grapes or planting blueberries, or managing a forest, Douglas County has properties available to meet your needs.

Our Listings That Are Commercial Agriculture Properties

Green Valley  

0 Hwy 42 and Olalla Rd. Winston, Oregon

  • Price: $999,000
  • House: Non-resource division allows for a house and size criteria allows for a house.
  • Lot Size: 275 acres +/-.
  • Features: Blend of flat pasture,rolling hills, and riparian areas. Olalla Creek runs through it.
  • Comments: 170 +/- acres of irrigation rights.
  • See more information at www.UmpquaValleyAgriculturalLand.com

Green Valley  

935 Laid Back Lane. Roseburg, Oregon

  • Price: $850,000
  • House: 4 Bed/2 Bath house with 1 Bed/1 Bath Guest Quarters, 3,248 sq. ft.
  • Lot Size: 80 acres.
  • Features: Pond, creek, shop, barn, etc.
  • Comments: 80 acres of irrigation. Located on private road.
  • See more information at www.LookingglassValleyRanch.com

Green Valley  

355 Hess Ln. Roseburg, Oregon

  • Price: $499,000
  • House: 4 Bed/3 Bath. 3,232 sq. ft.
  • Lot Size: 8 acres
  • Features: 15 stall barn and a 60' x 120' covered and lighted arena.
  • Comments: In the Garden Valley Area. Minutes to Roseburg and I-5.
  • See more information at www.GardenValleyCountryProperty.com

Green Valley  

0 Sibold Canyon. Tenmile, Oregon

  • Price: $335,000
  • House: Permit on file for template dwelling approval.
  • Lot Size: Approx. 20 acres.
  • Features: Merchantable timber. Cruise available.
  • Comments: Buildable parcel with seasonal creek.
  • See more information at www.TenmileCountryProperty.com

For the Buyer of Commercial Agriculture Property

As you consider what kind of property fits your interests, here are a few things to keep in mind to make the right choice:

  • How close or far from town do I want to be?
  • Am I planning on living on this property?
  • Should there be an existing house or will I build one?
  • What kind of commodities do I want to produce?
  • How big or small will the flock or herd be?
  • Do I need facilities like a barn, fencing, or a corral right away or will I build them in time?
  • Do I want flat ground, hill ground, or a combination of both?
  • What types of soils do I want for what I am doing?
  • Do I want to irrigate? Do I want a river, creek, pond, or other waterway?

For the Seller of Commercial Agriculture Property

It is important to clearly identify what you are selling and let people know why it is a good match for their goals.

  • Year-round access and a buildable parcel?
  • Pastures or fencing?
  • Barns, poultry sheds, or other animal shelters?
  • A shop?
  • Hay fields?
  • Irrigation?
  • Water sources (pond, creek, spring, well)?
  • Soil types?

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, it is important to work with someone who understands what you have and what you want - Walt Gayner Real Estate combines professionalism with knowledge of commercial agriculture property.