Hobby Farm Property In Douglas County

There are rural residential properties where a person has some "elbow room" and the neighbor is not right out their window. And there are rural properties that allow you to have small scale, fun hobbies.

It must be zoned to allow the number of animals you have/want. It must not have restrictive covenants that do not allow your preferred animals. If there is a lot of clay in the soil, you could have a muddy mess in the winter. After that, it's a matter of personal preferences and wants/needs.

Our Listings That Are Hobby Farm Properties

Green Valley  

355 Hess Ln. Roseburg, Oregon

  • Price: $499,000
  • House: 4 Bed/3 Bath. 3,232 sq. ft.
  • Lot Size: 8 acres
  • Features: 15 stall barn and a 60' x 120' covered and lighted arena. River irrigation for pastures.
  • Comments: In the Garden Valley Area. Minutes to Roseburg and I-5.
  • See more information at www.GardenValleyCountryProperty.com

Green Valley  

0 Olalla Rd. Winston, Oregon

  • Price: $425,000
  • House: Property eligible by Income Criteria.
  • Lot Size: 107 acres.
  • Features: Olalla Creek runs through it. 70+/- acres of irrigation.
  • Comments: Property has flat areas as well as sloped hillsides.
  • See more information at www.umpquavalleyagriculturalland.com


0 Garden Valley Rd. Roseburg, Oregon

  • Price: $183,000
  • Building: None.
  • Lot Size: 5.02 acres.
  • Features: Buidable lot.
  • Comments: In a desirable area with no C.C.& R's.

For Buyers of Hobby Farm Properties

What must you have right away and what can be done in time? Do you want:

  • To be close or far from town?
  • An existing house or will you build one?
  • A few, or many animals now? In the future?
  • Animals on pasture most of the time? Stalled?
  • How many acres?
  • Do you want to produce your own hay?
  • Facilities (like a barn with stalls) now, or will you build them?
  • Flat ground, hill ground, or a combination of both?
  • Room to ride/play on your own land?
  • Near river, pond, creek, or other waterway?
  • To live near other hobby properties?
  • To border or live near public riding areas?

For Sellers of Hobby Farm Properties

It is important to clearly identify what you are selling and let people know why it is suited for their interests.  In addition to the factors listed under "Room to Breathe-For The Seller",  do you have:

  • Land that has real potential to accommodate horses and other livestock?  (Not a brush patch for goats or high hazard open cattle range.)
  • Clean pastures free of toxic plants, horse-friendly fencing, or livestock facilities?
  • Horse- or livestock-specific facilities like a barn, stable, corrals, or arena?
  • A property adjacent to large blocks of public land (like county, BLM, or National Forest?)
  • Is the house a nice feature of the property or is it a placeholder for the next one?

Whether you are a buyer or seller, it is important to work with someone who understands what you have and what you want - Walt Gayner Real Estate knows about hobby properties from personal experience.