About Modern Homestead Property in Douglas County

Douglas County, Oregon offers many of the features people are looking for when they consider living a more self-sufficient lifestyle. You may want full "off-the-grid" living or you may want something a little tamer like a modern house with room for a garden, chickens, and a steer.

If You Value This Lifestyle, Here's Why You Should Consider Living in Douglas County.

  • Our winters are mild.  Snow is infrequent and only an issue in the higher elevations. Citrus isn't happy here but many other fruits and nuts do well including apples, pears, cherries, plums, walnuts, and filberts. There is no need for costly animal facilities.
  • The growing season is long enough for crops like berries, tomatoes, corn, and squash.
  • Our summers aren't blistering hot. High temps do not limit what can grow and thrive.
  • With all the creeks and rivers, there are good opportunities to have water rights for irrigation.
  • Our latitude is not too far north. Solar exposure is still very effective for passive and active systems.
  • Rainfall comes most months of the year.
  • For the four-legged types, cool season grasses and clovers grow very well.
  • Softwoods and hardwoods are plentiful for milling, woodworking, and fuel wood.

What does this all translate into? No matter how intense you want your rural living experience to be, chances are there is a place here that is what you want or can become what you want.

Modern Homestead Properties For Sale in Douglas County

Green Valley  

0 Hwy 42 and Olalla Rd. Winston, Oregon

  • Price: $999,000
  • House: Non-resource division allows for a house and size criteria allows for a house.
  • Lot Size: 275 acres +/-.
  • Features: Blend of flat pasture,rolling hills, and riparian areas. Olalla Creek runs through it.
  • Comments: 170 +/- acres of irrigation rights.
  • See more information at www.UmpquaValleyAgriculturalLand.com

Green Valley  

935 Laid Back Lane. Roseburg, Oregon

  • Price: $850,000
  • House: 4 Bed/2 Bath house with 1 Bed/1 Bath Guest Quarters, 3,248 sq. ft.
  • Lot Size: 80 acres.
  • Features: Pond, creek, shop, barn, etc.
  • Comments: 80 acres of irrigation. Located on private road.
  • See more information at www.LookingglassValleyRanch.com

Green Valley  

0 State Highway 42. Winston, Oregon

  • Price: $625,000
  • House: Property eligible by Size Criteria and Non-Resource Division.
  • Lot Size: 168 acres.
  • Features: Olalla Creek runs through it. 110+/- acres of irrigation.
  • Comments: Property has flat areas as well as sloped hillsides.
  • See more information at www.UmpquaValleyAgricuturalLand.com

For the Buyer of Modern Homestead Property

As you consider what kind of property fits your interests, here are a few things to keep in mind to make the right choice:

  • How close or far from town do you want to be?
  • In what ways do you want to be more self- sufficient? 
  • Are you interested in solar energy?
  • Are you interested in small scale hydroelectric energy (pico- or microhydro)?
  • Are you interested in wind energy?
  • Are you going to have a diesel-powered generator as a back-up?
  • Do you want to have animals?
  • Do you want to produce enough feed to meet your animals' needs?
  • Should there be an existing house or will you build a state-of-the-art "green home"?
  • What domestic water supply do you want?  Spring, well, creek?
  • Do you need facilities like a barn, fencing, or a corral right away or will you build them in time?

For the Seller of Modern Homestead Property

Most people interested in this way of life are coming from an urban center and advertising should target that.  In addition, it is always important to clearly identify what you are selling and let people know why it is a good match for their goals. 

  • Year-round access.  Some remote sites have a phenomenal setting but are difficult to get to in the winter.
  • If it's bare land, is it a buildable parcel?
  • Abundant domestic water?
  • Water features that could be harnessed (creek, river)?
  • Consistent wind?
  • Southern exposure?
  • Barns, poultry sheds, or other animal shelters?
  • Hay fields?
  • Irrigation?

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, it is important to work with someone who understands what you have and what you want - Walt Gayner Real Estate combines professionalism with knowledge of rural property.