About Forest and Recreation Property in Douglas County

Over half of Douglas County is government-managed land.  The Umpqua National Forest and BLM-managed lands make up the bulk of public ownership. Industrial timber companies own huge areas of forest in Oregon as well. However, there are opportunities for private woodland owners.

The Many Uses for Forested Rural Properties

Today’s forest landowner is different than the owner of yesterday. Now there are many management priorities in addition to, or instead of, timber harvest income. Today, concerns focus on recreation, wildlife habitat value, forest health, water quality, scenic value, and many others. Are you looking for:

  • A personal camping site or a place for a lineman's shack?
  • A place to hunt, target shoot, ride ATV's, and cut firewood?
  • A private "reserve" for fish and wildlife?
  • An income-based "production" forest for you and future generations?

Forest and Recreation Properties for Sale in Douglas County

Green Valley  

0 Olalla Rd. Winston, Oregon

  • Price: $425,000
  • House: Property eligible by Income Criteria.
  • Lot Size: 107 acres.
  • Features: Olalla Creek runs through it. 70+/- acres of irrigation.
  • Comments: Property has flat areas as well as sloped hillsides.
  • See more information at www.UmpquaValleyAgricuturalLand.com

Green Valley  

0 Sibold Canyon. Tenmile, Oregon

  • Price: $275,000
  • House: Permit on file for template dwelling approval.
  • Lot Size: Approx. 20 acres.
  • Features: Merchantable timber. Cruise available.
  • Comments: Buildable parcel with seasonal creek.
  • See more information at www.TenmileCountryProperty.com

For Buyers of Recreation and Forest Property

Whether you want to own a small “tree farm” to produce timber for your grandkids, want a site you plan to visit (and eventually move to when you retire), a camping spot in Oregon, or your own rural vacation hideaway, there are parcels available that can meet your goals. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Do you have deeded, legal access to the property?
  • Is the access road year-round or seasonal?
  • Do others have easements to cross your parcel?
  • Does the zoning match your current interest?
  • Does the zoning match your future interests?
  • Is it buildable as it stands or will paperowrk need to be done to try to get a house permitted?

For Sellers of Recreation and Forest Property

Presenting your property’s many benefits to the right people is essential in making a good sale, so it is important to have representation that is both imaginative and knowledgable.

Trees may be worth more than just their value at the mill. It's more than just hiring a timber cruiser. Trees mean different things to different people.

Marketing should not be specific to one end user. It should reach out to all types.