About Vacation and 2nd Home Properties

Douglas County, Oregon is an area that spans from the Cascades to the Pacific Ocean. The North Umpqua, South Umpqua, Mainstem Umpqua, and Smith Rivers are the primary waterways. Glide, Idleyld Park, and Steamboat are a few of the small communities on the winding, well maintained highway to Diamond Lake in the Cascade Range.  Fishing in this part of Oregon is world class, as are the numerous swimming holes.

The Smith River watershed and the coastal estuary are also part of Douglas County but are very different from the rest of the county. The cooler coastal climate is in strong contrast to the southern and eastern parts of interior Douglas County. You also have the tidal influence in that area.

Because of the diversity of topography, elevation, climate, and water, this county provides excellent vacation and recreation opportunities. In addition, there are tens of thousands of acres of public land for hunting and recreation.

Finding the perfect riverfront, waterfront, lakefront, ocean, beachfront or view property can be more challenging because of limited availability.

Some properties have multiple houses and it can be nice to have a caretaker there to take care of things while you are gone. In other cases, you may want a place that is low maintenance and can be left alone for long periods of time. Some people are looking for a spot where they can leave a boat and 4x4 and simply arrive stay in their own RV.

Vacation and 2nd Home Properties for Sale in Douglas County


Sky Trail Ranch. Lakeview, Oregon

  • Price: $490,000
  • House: 3 Bed/3.5 Bath House, 3,000 SF.
  • Lot Size: 94 acres
  • Features: Blend of level ground, rolling pastures and forested hillsides.
  • Comments: Suited for livestock and/or horses. Loveless Creek runs through it.
  • See more information at www.LakeviewOregonRanch.com

For the Buyer of Vacation and 2nd Home Property

In the end, time and commitment will be well worth it when you find the perfect waterfront or view property in Oregon. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Be patient.  Waterfront property is uncommon.  The right waterfront property is even more uncommon.  Every property has a view.  Few have great views.
  • Be sure you have a realtor who is patient and persistent. It takes time to find the right spot.
  • If you are looking at properties on the coast, keep in mind the harsh conditions that exist there. Houses need to be built differently there.

Walt Gayner has the knowledge, patience, and commitment to find the right property for the right price.


For the Seller of Vacation and 2nd Home Property

  • Be sure your property is priced right.  Non-waterfront property is frequently mixed with waterfront property during the market analysis process and that drives down the perceived value of waterfront property.  In many cases, water frontage brings up the price around $100,000 over the same property not on a waterway.
  • Make sure you have a real estate representative who knows the value of what you have. 
  • Does your broker give the property good exposure?  You have a rare commodity, it shouldn't be kept a secret.
  • The promotional material should be consistent with the caliber of your property.
  • Is your property easily seen through the internet and is ample data readily available?

Walt Gayner has the commitment and skill to find the perfect property.  For sellers,  he knows how to expose your property so those looking can find what you have.