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Why Walt Gayner and Patrice Glasscock?

Walt Gayner Real Estate selected the heavy draft horse because of what it symbolizes.  "Heavy horses" are known for working hard, being patient, staying calm, being reliable, and being functionally flexible (pull a plow or wagon as well as being saddled for riders.)  They are a symbol of simpler times and a less complicated way of living. They are the worker you count on and a sure-footed friend when traveling on rocky roads.

Walt and Patrice are an excellent professional pair. Both prioritize professionalism and quality of service above profit. This is a rare quality in an industry driven by commission sales.

Walt and Patrice - knowledge.

We bring knowledge "to the table" that has been gained through personal and professional experience.  Both of us personally invest in real estate and can "walk the walk and "talk the talk". Walt has been licensed since 2004 and Patrice has been licensed since 2005. We are both licensed as principal brokers.

Walt and his wife live on 90 acres north of Roseburg.  They have raised horses, cattle, meat goats, a few head of buffalo, laying hens, and a young (and very helpful) son. Many of the animals in the photos on this site are (or were) theirs.  Walt and his family enjoy rural living, enjoy living in Douglas County, and completely understand why others want the same thing.

Patrice and her husband of 33 years live on a 130 acre farm outside of Oakland.  They grow wine grapes. There are also cattle on the property. They have two adult children that live in the area as well as a couple guardian dogs and house cats. There are some resident geese and turkeys that help "paint the perfect picture" of rural life. Patrice appreciates what Douglas County and the Pacific Northwest have to offer and prefer to live here.

Walt and Patrice - ethics.

We have a strong work ethic.  We recognize that buying or selling real estate is a major financial decision, maybe the biggest you'll ever make.  Because of this, we handle the transaction with care.  We try to put ourself in your shoes so we can fully understand where people are coming from.  We believe that providing the best available information helps the buyer or seller make good decisions.

Walt and Patrice are people who say what they mean and do what they say.

Walt and Patrice - accountability.

This is a word often overlooked in real estate and life in general. It is about competence, honesty, and follow through. It's about standing by what you say, whether it is good news or bad.  No one needs a "fair weather agent".  It's about giving your real estate needs the highly personalized attention they deserve.  In the simplest of terms, it's prioritizing customer satisfaction over commissions.

Walt and Patrice are truly committed to your satisfaction.

For the Buyer:

  • Working hard to find just what you are looking for....not what someone else wants to sell you.
  • Doing the research to make sure there are no loopholes.  We approach each property as if we were the buyer.
  • No pressure applied....unless there is an actual need to act quickly.
  • Helping the buyer feel comfortable through the process by providing as much relevant information as possible to help with decision-making.

For the Seller:

  • Giving your property personal time and attention
  • Learning your property so it can be represented accurately.  That means knowing all the positive qualities to promote and all of the issues requiring disclosure so there are no "surprises" years in the future.
  • Promoting your property worldwide
  • Making on-site viewings memorable
  • Finding solutions that make your property more marketable.

Walt Gayner Real Estate - the real estate brokerage of choice for the best service possible.